Ladies Gallery  Beautiful, Bespoke, Hand Knitwear or Crochet, Made with you in mind

Please remember these were all commissions  .  . .   I could copy them for you, or make up your own design especially for you !

Text Box: Ladies / girls twin set in Baby soft Cortelle easy care /wash   summer light weight.
Size 10     £25.00 plus P&P
Text Box: Contact Us
0161 427 3626  or 0161 265 1356
Text Box: White cotton crochet top, just right for summer !
Sizes 10 / 12   bust   Hand wash Cotton                            
£34.00 plus P&P    call for more details
Text Box: Ladies T    Top size 10
Wool mix double knit  Cardi and matching Hat   grey /blue shown
£25.00  plus P&P
Other colours available ring for advice  0161 427 3626

Kay Ella Design hand made, original and traditional knitwear for girls women and  the more mature lady.

0161 427 3626

Contact Kathryn

Text Box: Aran Style Hand Made Yarn
Size 46 bust   -     Original design
£67.50 inc: P&P

Random dye Jacket

 man made yarn   

size  44 bust

£25.00 inc P&P


Blue waistcoat   Man made yarn

Up to 48 bust    other colours

£24.00 plus P&P

Aran style original design

Jacket for 46 bust

Man made yarn  

£56.00 inc: P&P

Purple shrug type

Cotton/wool/ Acrylic mix

Up to 48 bust

£67.00 inc: P&P

Green Jumper Collared

Man Made yarn

46 bust

£35.00 inc: P&P

Red waistcoat side vents

Up to 52 bust

Man Made yarn

£40.00 inc: P&P

Pink Jumper with waist shape

Man made yarn40 –44 bust

£35.00 inc: P&P


Jumper as before with Hat

£70.00 inc P&P

Aran Jumper  & hat up to 46 bust

Wool/acrylic mix    £68.00 inc:P&P

Brown Jumper  Aran wool/acrylic mix

Size 10   £50.00 inc P&P

Dove grey cotton/acrylic mix

Size 10/ 14

£35.00 inc P&P

Navy & Cream Jacket

Man made yarn 46 bust

£45.00 inc P&P

Pink Mohair/lambswool/sparkle

Cardi  size 36/ 40 bust

£50.00 inc p&P

Waistcoats or pop overs

Aran Wool/acrylic mix

One size up to 46 bust

£25.00  inc: P&P

Bluebell blue jumper white collar/cuffs

Size 12/16  aran style yarn

£ 35.00 inc: P&P

Plum wool mix crochet top

Size 12/14

£25.00 inc P&P

Blue jumper with side vents . Man made yarn

Up to 46 bust 

£44.00 inc P&P


Aran Wool/acrylic mix jumper size 44 bust

Original design

£68.00 inc P&P

Hat and scarf set aran wool mix     £25.00 inc P&P

For more details Call us now   0161 427 3626

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