All hand made in Cheshire

Tassie-Krafts Cottage industries

Baby range

Premature baby sizes upwards,                                                                                                                         

here are examples of  cardi’s , jumpers, mitts, hats, hooded tops,  etc:  You choose the size and colour, we make it  especially for YOU . . .

Contact us on  > 0161 427 3626   or  0161 265 1356 


Baby Crossovers Here pictured on doll ‘Baby Annabel’

100% Baby soft Acrylic  All sizes from Prem: and other baby colours     price = £8.00 inc: P&P

Other yarns, natural fibres and colours available

Baby matinee   Here pictured  white and lemon

All 100% Acrylic baby soft yarns, any colour,

easy care and wash.

Other yarns and Natural fibres available

All sizes from Prem: and baby to 18months

Price £6.00 inc P&P

 inc: P&P     /                        Tel:  0161 427 3626   /

Lots of different styles & Sizes & colours of premature baby wear,  baby cardi’s, jumpers, hats, bonnets, and soft toys   .  Dolly clothes too   just give us a call for your needs.                             0161 427 3626

For more details of these garments please click on photo

Text Box: Budget range in 
man made fibers
Or Classic range 
in Cashmere rich or wool mix