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Tassie-Krafts Cottage industries

Text Box:         Over the years customers and clients have requested many different styles and sizes , unable to find what they want in fashion houses or catalogues, they approached Kathryn, with an idea or design they wanted to be made up.
        Either in knitted style or crochet style or sewn , Kathryn has completed many, many projects, designs, original and limited editions to a high standard and quality, attending to small details where necessary.
        Professional people requiring individual style in complex materials for designs have been accommodated, and the finished results are very exciting.
        From baby premature sizes to adults with 62 inch chest and 6 feet 4 inches tall, all have been very satisfied with the special orders completed with Tassie-Krafts Cottage Industries,  Knitted Aran, jackets, jumpers, waistcoats, shrugs, scarves, hats, dresses, crochet tops, shrugs, crop tops, gilets, skirts, dresses, baby wear, scarves, hats, blankets etc: soft toys, dollies, you name it, we make it . . . . . . 
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Kathryn E Procter, formerly Miss Procter LISTD.AISTD. AIDTA. RAD(INT) gd med LAM verse & prose. NCPF (1st)

Professional Dance teacher with 31 yrs experience, own Dance school Marple Dance And Theatre Academy, over 5000 successful exam entrants up to and including Advanced and Teacher qualification entrants in Modern Dance, Tap, Ballet, National Folk Dance, Classical Greek, Ballroom, Latin, Disco, Also LAMDA Speech and Drama exam entrants and Local festival Winners.  Many Pantomimes, Choreographic compositions, TV Work, and other professional  appointments completed.

Professional Florist, Own Shop for 10 yrs, successfully run, but due to past injuries and the long hours standing ,  now retired.  But lives again in this website! With original designs and if you wish orders made up to your  desires.

To contact Kathryn E  Procter    tel:  0161 427 3626  

marple.knitwear@gmail.com      or phone 0161 265 1356


From a very little girl I was always interested in hand knitting and making things, and when an elderly aunt came to stay for a week each year, I took interest in her method of knitting.   Being left handed and then ambidextrous I taught myself to knit and crochet using both hands from picture.

I follow a long line of knitters from my mothers side, coming down from the Orkneys, through Scotland and then when my grandparents married , Nana, from Warwickshire and Grandpa,  the chief designer from the Calico Print Works,  Liverpool,( he designed Queen Victoria’s summer dress prints ) originally from Edinburgh.  My father’s side were from Moravia, the first settlement in York, book readers, diary makers, lace makers and fine sewing, wood carvers etc:  so you could say ‘making things is in my bones’ !!!

When I was 18yrs, I had torn my ligament  in my left foot and was unable to walk fro 12 months so I taught myself to crochet from pictures and then I was asked if I  could make 100’s of  gold lurex G strings for the ‘Moulin Rouge’ crocheted and then elastic fitted. (I was giggling with each one !!!)  Then, a crochet Christening robe,  5 feet long which took 6 weeks to complete (at that time I had only just taught myself to crochet, so it was slow going) this went on show for 3 weeks in a shop window with pride by the client, before the date it was worn.

Hen I was asked to make a reversible dress in silk for the PA of a Granada TV producer, and several jumpers and jackets were commissioned and some were worn by the Weather  girls on Granada TV (before Fred!).

Since these times I have been very busy  with commissions and Carnivals, here on my website are some, yes only some of the completed garments and commissions  for you to see.

Of course if you like what you see . . . .  Please contact me, I’m sure that I can knit or crochet anything   ( I’d like to think so . . )

Your friend     Kathryn