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Jean At London Feb: 2008

Jean meets Gordon Brown (Prime Minister) 23rd July 2008, where she received the Award for Service Women’s Land Army during the 2nd World War  from Hillary Benn MP

Welcome glass of water at No 10 !

Jean is proud of her award out side No 10 Downing St

Showing the many media press.

Mrs Jean Procter MBE      jproctermbe@gmail.com

British Women’s Land Army Society   1964—

Jean has been the chairman of BWLAS since 1963

Campaigning for recognition for the Services of Women’s Land Army and Women’s Timber Corps during the World War II

If you would like to know more please contact Jean either by email ( seen above ) or by phone 0161 427 3626

(please remember she  is over 93 yrs of age !)

Andrew Stunell MP for Hazel Grove

Ladies receive their Award for Service July 2008 from Andrew Stunell 2008

Text Box: Tassie– Krafts Market Stall 2008  in Stockport Market UK

Tassie-Krafts Cottage Industries, 0161 427 3626  / 0161 265 1356 /  we like to keep you informed !

All British       -    all  hand made   -       professional    approach   -     professional  work    -   careful  people !


Opening of the  Outbreak of War  II  1939  at the Imperial War Museum in London on August 18th 2009

Mrs Jean Procter MBE giving many interviews for TV, Radio ( Nicky Cambell ) Media Papers etc:, also interviews for school children’s books etc:

Text Box: Mrs Jean E M Procter MBE has been invited to lunch at the Royal Opera House on October 21st and followed by Afternoon Tea With HRH the Queen at Buckingham Palace and other members of the Royal House hold
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A M Photo-graphics    Gallery Show   August 2009

2009 Launch of  ‘The 4 Seasons of Marple’

A Book of Beautiful Photos by

Arthur M Procter LMPA  

At Marple Library

Hazel Grove Carnival

Stockport 09

Successful Stall brought much attention in-between the showers !!!

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Buckingham Palace photo


Text Box: Congratulations to Jean  she will be 93 years 
of age   on February 1st 2012

0161 427 3626

0161  427 3626