All hand made in Cheshire

Tassie-Krafts Cottage industries

Soft toys

Tim and Tass are approximately 18—20 inches tall, all hand knitted and filled with fire retardant (fire and safety regulations) hypo allergenic filling, machine washable, safe for tiny ones as there are no moving parts.   Each doll is different , even the faces are full of character !     £10.00 each plus P&P

Smaller ‘stripey longlegs’ dolls  Keymi and Marshall

Approx: 10 inches tall.   Are £5.00 plus P&P each

Can also have matching pram blanket  £20.00 set


Approx: 18 inches tall

Stripey Longlegs

Are fully machine washable.

£10.00 plus P&P

Football players (Marshall)  for fun, dolls  with skirts (Keymi)and matching pram blankets.

Contact Kathryn 0161 427 3626

To order  or buy !

Meet the Mousekins

All hand made and hypo allergenic and fire retardant filling, machine washable

Some favourite characters, Bo-peep, Mary-Mary, Father Christmas, Baker, Butcher, footballers etc:,                                                                               £5.00 each plus P&P

Approx: 8 inches tall

Each character is a delight for tiny tots and babies to own

Not to mention some football fans ! Who have these on the dashboard ! ! !

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