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Visiting Carnivals, fairs and other events around the STOCKPORT AREAS, home displays by appointment only.

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art2@ampg.wanadoo.co.uk       (Prof: Photographer)

jproctermbe@gmail.com    (Land Army )


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Hi  -  welcome visitor . . . 

Once again thank you, for your care and patience over the last year . .

I would  like to share some of my past commissions with you in the photos that you will see on my website . .  Enjoy  - and thanks for looking . . .                                    


The Ash Studios



Hand knit or crochet designs and garments are beautiful to wear and they last and last . . . . 

Created especially for you, your size, colour, design, choice of wools, cottons, man made etc: . . . .

From baby premature to large adult sizes, soft toys and pram blankets to dog jackets, aran designs, Gift sets for Christmas, crochet patterns and lots more . . . . . .

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Marple in 4 Seasons

KP Dance Supplies  

Ballet, Tap, Ballroom, all types of dance and the dancewear you need for the best dressed dancer in the Stockport district and areas.

Home visit by appointment only, a small selection carried for you to try in your own home.

KPdancesupplies@gmail.com    tel: 0161 427 3626